Nature Knows Best

By Lakeland Skirts

Kim Jacket - Horsley Couture
Caption: Kim Jacket - Horsley Couture
Wool dress with thistle - Horsley Couture
Caption: Wool Swanson dress with thistle - Horsley Couture

When you make your way around the English Lake District, there are many beautiful sights to grace the eye.  But one recurring feature you'll find nestling in the fells, basking in the short-lived sunshine, and nibbling on the wild herbs and grasses is the Herdwick Sheep.  Hardy and adorable, yes, but nobody ever asked them why they weren't wearing waterproofs. 


The choices we make when buying clothes aren't just driven by design.  We also need to stay warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.  And for this task, nature is the very best.  The reason your woollen sweaters keep you warmer than synthetic is that the material can breathe.  The fibres in wool help to wick moisture away from you, meaning that when your body temperature cools, you won't feel that chill on your skin.  The natural loft in wool also traps air, helping to keep you insulated against that winter cold. 


It's good enough to keep our Herdwicks warm and safe through a harsh Cumbrian Winter, and when it's spun into yarn and woven into your new favourite sweater or jacket, it will offer you all the same protection.  So if you want to stay warm - choose wool.  Cotton, on the other hand, will keep you cool in the summer, but for all the same reasons.  Unlike synthetics, cotton won't trap moisture next to your skin, and the breatheable quality means the summer breeze can reach you to stop you overheating on those rare Summer days!


At Horsley, we are passionate about combining the very best materials with elegant design so that all of our ladies can feel stylish, feminine and importantly - comfortable.  This is why all our tweeds are sourced from British mills, who have a centuries-old reputation for weaving the very best fabrics.  In days gone by, people had to invest in quality products, and the heritage of these mills just proves the point - Nature really is the best.  




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