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By Lakeland Skirts

Detail from a Garsdale skirt by Lakeland Skirts
Caption: Detail from a Garsdale skirt by Lakeland Skirts
Detail from a Kim jacket by Horsley Couture
Caption: Detail from a Kim jacket by Horsley Couture
Detail from A Kim jacket by Horsley Couture
Caption: Detail from a Kim jacket by Horsley Couture

When I think about Lakeland Skirts and Horsley Couture and what's at our heart, I keep coming back to the idea that we are, above all, an ethical producer of high quality, beautifully fitting clothing. The world and its environment matter to us. Deeply. The people we work with matter to us. And the happiness and satisfaction of our customers matter to us. Those values are what drive us, and what keep us coming in to work every day.

We are very proud to source all our tweed from our neighbouring counties - Lancashire, Yorkshire and Berwickshire - which keeps our tweed miles low. We really are very lucky to be located so close to some of the world's best and most reknowned mills in the world. And I have it on pretty good authority that we keep some world class company in that respect too.

Tweed is a fabric that is woven to last, to endure all weathers and to keep you warm and dry whatever you put it through. And, do you know, we share that sentiment. We want to make clothes that last. None of this throw away nonsense for us. We put time, effort and love into the clothes that we make, and we want them to stick around. In fact we still have the odd request for an alteration to a skirt that we made 40 years ago, still going strong and much loved, but the customer is changing with age and wants to carry on wearing her beautiful skirt. Not a bad legacy to be carrying forward, eh?

So whilst the world's rubbish bin is filling up with last season's cast offs, we are proudly creating lasting garments that we hope will serve our customers for years to come. After all, real style never goes out of fashion. 

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  • Mrs R Abba

    17 February 2017, 12.12pm

    Beautifully made skirt just what I wanted, I would like to say thank you to all the Staff.


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