Fabulous Fashion of the 1930's

By Lakeland Skirts

We love everything to do with fashion, especially the industry’s amazing heritage. As part of our ‘Fashion Through The Ages’ series, this week we present you with ‘Fabulous Fashion of the 1930’s’.

Womenswear became a little more conservative throughout the 30s, replacing the ‘risque’ attitude of the 20s. Skirts were lengthened again, but some trends remained, including cloche hats and short hairstyles. (That classic bob!)

The 30s brought many exciting and innovative developments to the world of fashion; synthetic fabrics, simple suits with bold color accents and tailored evening gowns with matching jackets.

Feminine curves were highlighted in the 30s through the use of the bias-cut. As the years went on, emphasis moved towards the back, with halter necklines and high-necked but backless evening gowns with sleeves. Evening gowns with matching jackets were worn to the theatre, nightclubs, and elegant restaurants.

Skirts remained at mid-calf length for daytime, but towards the end of the decade, Paris designers were showing fuller skirts reaching just below the knee. Other notable fashion trends in this period include the introduction of the ensemble (matching dresses or skirts and coats) and the handkerchief skirt, which had many panels, insets, pleats or gathers. Such a classic period...
Accessories were just as important as clothes, and gloves were especially popular. Evening gowns were accompanied by elbow length gloves, and day costumes were worn with short or opera-length gloves of fabric or leather.
Interestingly, American cinema had an effect on trends during the 30s. Influential films such as Cimarron and Romance reflected the changing times and were the subject of discussion in fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, (Still a favourite today!) Of course, the most influential film of them all was 1939’s Gone with the Wind, and Scarlett O’Hara’s ‘barbecue dress’ was the second most widely copied dress in fashion. Vogue actually credited the "Scarlett O'Hara look” with bringing full skirts worn over crinolines back into wedding fashion after a decade of sleek, figure-hugging styles.
Here at Horsley, we love to take inspiration from such wonderful periods of fashion. Reflecting on the sophisticated, iconic moments in fashion history, continue to spark our imagination and creativity today.


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