It's raining again!

By Lakeland Skirts

Kendal in flood
Caption: Kendal in flood
Getting around!
Caption: Getting around!

Well, having thought we couldn't possibly get any wetter here in Cumbria, it seems we were wrong. Yes, it's raining again (I think there's a song in there somewhere!). We, at Horsley Couture, have been incredibly lucky to escape the high waters.....being at the thop of a hill can be rather helpful sometimes! Even the leaky roof didn't let us down. So we are counting our blessings and getting cracking with the production of all the garments that we need to get out for Christmas delivery.

Unfortunately two of our staff members, along with many, many others in Kendal, have not been quite so lucky and had their homes flooded when the river Kent burst its banks on Saturday. Irene spent a nervous night upstairs as the waters rose in her basement. The waters are now receding and some kind neighbours have pumped the worst of the water out, but there is one heck of a clean up ahead. 

Kendal was severely battered by rain, but the spirit of Kendalians has been overwhelming in the face of such adveristy. I have felt very emotional seeing the generosity of people with their time, their skills, thier vehicles, and even their homes. It's a trying time for those affected, especially so close to Christmas, not only in Cumbria, but also in the borders. We hear that some of our suppliers in Hawick have been adversely affected by floods too. Our thoughts are with Linton Tweeds in Carlisle, and Peter Scott and Lovat Mill in Hawick. 


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